Families. Homes. Opportunity.


Founded in 2017, NestQuest Houston Inc. is a Texas non-profit organization created to promote voucher mobility for families participating the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program in the Greater Houston Area. Our organization works with Housing Choice Voucher holders and local landlords to increase client access to areas with excellent schools. 
NestQuest utilizes data from Children at Risk to identify top-rated schools and has defined its high-opportunity areas as those that are zoned to these high performing schools. 

Better Schools. More Opportunity.

NestQuest finds homes zoned to excellent schools and works with owners to increase housing choice for Housing Choice Voucher clients.

We do this by searching for property owners that currently do not accept Housing Choice Vouchers. NestQuest will lease the home and then sublease it to the participating family.

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Who Can Participate?

To join the program clients:

  • Must have an active Housing Choice Voucher
  • Be eligible to move
  • Have at least one school aged child in their household

*Families already enrolled in A+ through B ranked schools are not eligible.

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