How HUD Can Address the Crisis of Housing & Climate Change via @NRDC

"One key area is ensuring that Housing Choice Vouchers reach every eligible household and that building owners are held accountable for discrimination against voucher holders."

For Houston-area renters — many of whom are disproportionately Black or Hispanic — the threat of eviction continues to grow alongside the pandemic, leading to consequences that stand to impact our region for decades. Learn more:

Do you know what is necessary for families & individuals to achieve upward mobility? HOUSING!

A recent report from the Urban institute highlighted that a series of housing goals were essential for upward economic mobility. #OpportunityStartsatHome

Here are @TexasHousers goals to ensure 2021 is a year to advance housing justice

This is critical bc today 1 in 5 renters are behind on payments. Our research shows households behind on rent had⬆️odds of:
- fair/poor caregiver & child health
- maternal depressive symptoms
- child hospitalizations.

Learn more:

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