Our Process

Our Process

NestQuest partners with all parties involved in the Housing Choice Voucher leasing process.
NestQuest ensure that a successful lease is established in a desirable neighborhood.
NestQuest ensure that each lease is a good fit for both the landlord and tenant.

If You Are Searching for a Home

Your first step is to reach out to NestQuest staff to determine your eligibility for the NestQuest Program. Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for participation in the program, we will discuss your housing and educational needs, as well as your desired neighborhood.

NestQuest staff will identify homes for you to visit that are zoned to excellent schools. We encourage you to continue searching for a home as well. Our goal is to successfully place every qualified family in a home within the program. However, we are not able to guarantee placement to everyone who qualifies for the program.

When you have chosen a property, NestQuest leases the property under a corporate leasing model. From there, we work with you to make sure you have a smooth transition to a new neighborhood and home. Once you have moved in, NestQuest staff will work with you to resolve maintenance issues, manage rent payments and maintain the upkeep of your home throughout the duration of your lease. If you choose to move at the end of your lease term, you can stay with the NestQuest program as long as the new property meets the program criteria.

Download our Leasing Process overview here

If You Own a Rental Property

We are always looking for new partners that want to support families moving to good schools while also having reliable tenants. You can learn more about if your property meets the program requirements here

Landlords that participate in the NestQuest program are able to participate with the Housing Choice Voucher Program without having to handle any of the administrative obstacles that are typically associated with joining the program. Because NestQuest is the leaseholder on your property,  rent payments will begin the day the lease starts.

NestQuest performs quarterly inspections of your unit to ensure property upkeep, acts as a middleman between you and your tenant, and guarantees reimbursement for repairs beyond normal wear and tear when the unit is vacated.

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NestQuest Houston Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization changing the future of Houston’s children.