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NestQuest changes the future of Houston's children, by providing families who receive Housing Choice Vouchers with access to great homes and exceptional schools.

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), also known as Section 8, have limited options for high quality housing in safe neighborhoods. NestQuest works directly with families, landlords and government agencies to give families a real choice in where they live and where their child is enrolled at school.
Families who want to move to high opportunity areas should have that choice.
NestQuest expands housing access in high opportunity areas for low income families. 
NestQuest’s ultimate mission is to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and systemic segregation in schools. Income segregation between school districts cause achievement gaps between students. NestQuest ensures that every child placed through our program is enrolled in an exceptional school ranked A+ to B by Children at Risk.
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Essay: Amid disparities and inequities in Houston's real estate, communities are using their voices via @houstonchron @RASchuetz

@JustinRexPhoto @HoustonChron Here's the story on how a Houston nonprofit, @NestquestHou, is working to make housing choice vouchers work for both landlords and families by guaranteeing payments and getting rid of delays.

Clarissa Lomnick hugs her son Jamarcus Kinniebrew on his birthday. Lomnick uses federal housing vouchers to live in an area with better school programs for her son who has Autism. Not all landlords will accept vouchers though.

Full story on @houstonchron
Story by @RASchuetz

Proud of our partner @IndusLiving as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Houston Multi-Family Housing Market by Being Named Top Employer by @NAAhq via @PRWeb

Housing vouchers theoretically give low-income families the freedom to choose where they live. But the required paperwork and weeks without pay mean most TX landlords turn down vouchers. A Houston nonprofit wants to change that by removing headaches.

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NestQuest Houston Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization changing the future of Houston’s children.

1907 Sabine Street Suite #166, Houston, Texas 77007

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