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NestQuest changes the future of Houston's children by providing access to the best housing and educational opportunities to families receiving Housing Choice Vouchers.

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), also known as Section 8, all too often find they have limited options for high quality housing in safe neighborhoods. We believe that families who want to move to high opportunity areas should have that choice. NestQuest works directly with families, landlords and government agencies to give families a real choice in where they live. NestQuest ensures that every child placed through our program is enrolled in an exceptional school, providing enhanced educational experience and opportunity.


Our Mission

Voucher recipients have a short timeline to locate suitable housing before their voucher expires. The majority of voucher holders are restricted to living in low-income, high-risk neighborhoods in Houston.

Voucher holders, despite their wish to relocate, are challenged by the lack of properties accepting of their housing voucher. Few landlords with property in high opportunity areas accept tenants receiving assistance. 

NestQuest enables voucher recipient families to lease in communities which would not traditionally accept their housing voucher. NestQuest provides HCV families the opportunity to lease in a community zoned to exceptional schools. 

NestQuest operates under a corporate leasing model to give families who want to move to a new neighborhood, the best chance possible to find a comfortable home zoned to some of the best schools across Houston.

What is housing choice?

Housing Choice refers to the ability of Section 8 participants to select a home and neighborhood in a location that best suits their individual preferences and needs. Participants in the HCVP have the option to go to any neighborhood they choose. However, in actual practice participants are restricted in their choice. 

NestQuest is part of the solution to the lack of housing and educational choice for low-income families.

What is housing choice?
Prospective Tenants


Are you considering a move with your Housing Choice Voucher? Have you recently received your voucher and are you ready to relocate? Are you seeking to relocate to a home zoned to exceptional schools? NestQuest can help you find the perfect home for you and your children.

You must to be participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program with Houston Housing Authority, and have at least one school-aged child in your household to be considered for our program.

Read more to learn more about program qualifications and next steps.


We are always looking for new partners to help us change lives! All apartments that participate in our program must be zoned to a school ranked “A” or “B” by Children at Risk.

NestQuest manages all government agency liaison, acting as the middle man between HCV recipient families and Landlords. NestQuest guarantees rent payments, assists with maintenance requests and recommends long term stability through leasing.

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Prospective Landlords