Hear from some of our current and previous tenants about the impact NestQuest has had on their family.

"My son is now in a school which supports his educational needs, he is thriving! Thanks for helping us to relocate NestQuest"
Ms. Liza
NestQuest Tenant
"I am so relieved and delighted in the assistance that the NestQuest program has been able to provide to my family during Covid-19. My family and I, as well as other families, would like to thank the program for the generosity & compassion in these hard times. Stay safe and God bless!"
Mrs. Lincoln
NestQuest Tenant
"I really struggled to find a good apartment complex which would accept my voucher - then I found NestQuest who made my search and leasing process smooth and straightforward"
Ms. Brandy
NestQuest Tenant
"I have been leasing with NestQuest for over 2 years, they have made my renewal process stress-free. I love where we live and I don't see us moving until after my daughter finishes high school"
Sarah L
NestQuest Tenant
"I want to thank NestQuest because this change in schooling has really brought out the best in my kids, everyday things are better than before."
Ms. Sherrie
NestQuest Tenant
"You guys have been more than supportive, you've been friends, giving and caring. You've been counselors and our life line...you guys rock!"
Aliyah T
NestQuest Tenant

1907 Sabine Street
Suite 121
Houston, Texas 77007

NestQuest Houston Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization changing the future of Houston’s children.