Our Team

Our Team

Isabel Lopez
Executive Director

Isabel Lopez is the Executive Director for NestQuest Houston and has been part of the team since its founding in 2017. She has led NestQuest from its very first family to where we stand today, supporting over 50 families, 100+ students access quality, affordable housing and excellent education. Isabel spent several years as a participant of the Public Housing Program as a teen and into the early years of her adulthood. She experienced the stigmatism, low quality education and limited opportunities for students and their families while on the program.

After a severe vehicle accident in 2009 left her jobless and drowning in medical bills, she made a decision to use this as an opportunity to change her family’s future. She has worked to increase access for families for 13 years with Houston Housing Authority and Harris County Housing Authority. Her knowledge and daily experiences while working with the Housing Choice Voucher Program enables NestQuest to provide exceptional service and resources to increase each family’s path to success and stability. Her ability to think outside the box has ensured that NestQuest achieves its mission every single day.

In her spare time, Isabel enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Read what our mission means to Isabel here.

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Hannah Mannion
Director of Outreach & Development

Hannah joined NestQuest in 2020, upon completion of her MBA at Houston Baptist University. She received her BA in History and Education from Keele University. Hannah anticipates receiving her PhD in Executive Leadership and Development in 2023.

 Hannah ensures that our students are thriving in exceptional schools, and provides assistance with internships, scholarships and college applications. Hannah loves developing partnerships with other nonprofits to provide greater opportunities to NestQuest families. Hannah works closely with multiple properties and landlords across Houston to ensure NestQuest families are living in great communities. 

Hannah is on a mission to make a difference for families in Houston. Her passion to support families in need stems from personal experience of housing and education instability due to a traumatic accident leaving her mother disabled and unable to work. Her passion, energy, and drive enable NestQuest to achieve its mission each and every day.

Hannah is an avid sports fan – from Rockets, to rugby, to rock climbing…you’ll often find her surfing in Galveston.

Sade Carr
Sr Family Case Manager

Sade joined NestQuest in 2020, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to best support the families on our program. Sade received her MSW from Baylor University, having received her BA in Social Work from Prairie View A&M University. Sade’s experience working within government programs enables her to provide our families with a high level of support, exceptional counselling and can match relevant resources to those in need. Sade is an energetic, enthusiastic and dependable individual.

Our Board

Dav Lewis
Board President

As Board President of NestQuest, Dav is honored to not only share his passion but vision to provide adequate housing and education for under-served communities in Houston. Dav Lewis is the proud founder of 2nd Chances.Life. The organization is focused on reducing recidivism in our communities one person at a time using a holistic approach.

Dav’s purpose to change the community lead him on this journey to share his personal story. His goal is to challenge the world to look at our criminal justice system and how it affects the African American community.

Be the change that we want to see by helping one person at a time.

Read what our mission means to Dav here.

Sanjay Bapat
Board Vice President

Sanjay Bapat is an Associate Attorney at ABHR, LLP. His practice focuses on public finance, urban development, and local government regulation. Sanjay serves as general counsel and bond counsel to various special purpose districts that provide for the financing and construction of water, sewer, drainage, and road facilities and other development infrastructure. In these capacities, Sanjay represents his clients in public law matters, contract negotiations and preparation, the administration of public meetings, and regulatory compliance. Sanjay also works with private developers to structure development agreements with cities and other local government entities for public participation in commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments. Sanjay further brings to his practice skills previously learned as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at some of the nation’s premier law firms.

Lindsay Lanagan
Board Secretary

Lindsay Lanagan is the Director of Government Relations & Public Affairs at Legacy Community Health. In her role, Lindsay oversees communications, federal, state, and local government relations for the organization to influence policy at all levels of government.  She gained health care experience working for one of the nation’s largest health care companies, McKesson Specialty Health, where she directed state policy for a twenty-three state region in her role as Senior Manager of State Government Relations. Lindsay previously led the City of Houston’s Intergovernmental Relations office under Mayor Annise Parker, where she oversaw local, state and federal government relations for the largest city in Texas. Prior to the Mayor’s office, Lindsay worked on multiple political campaigns, and served as a staff assistant in a congressional office.

Gary Blumberg
Board Treasurer

Gary is President at Brite Real Estate, he is a Landlord with over 20 years experience leasing in Houston. Gary is currently a Board Member of the Houston Apartment Association. Gary provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to NestQuest ensure our families receive fair and non discriminatory treatment within the rental industry. In his spare time Gary enjoys walking, pets and watching movies.

Read what our mission means to Gary here.

Ericka Bowman
Board Member

Ericka is an exceptional Community Organizer within Texas Housers, with two years of managing campaigns serving low-income communities. Ericka has successfully mobilized three Section 8 Housing communities in the Houston and Galveston areas, tirelessly advocating for better living conditions and empowering tenants to stand up for their rights and demand safe and sanitary housing in areas of opportunity. Ericka cultivates effective relationships between board members, non-profits, businesses, community leaders, and local government to ensure fair housing equality across Houston.


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NestQuest Houston Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization changing the future of Houston’s children.