Ask our team | Executive Director, Isabel Lopez

We ask our Executive Director, Isabel Lopez,
“What does the NestQuest mission mean to you?”

Isabel has been with NestQuest since its founding in 2017 and was appointed Executive Director in 2018. Isabel has led NestQuest from its very first family to where we stand today, supporting over 50 families across Houston. Isabel is responsible for the development and success of NestQuest, her strategic plans ensure that NestQuest meets its mission every single day. Isabel has over 9 years of Housing Choice Voucher experience, enabling NestQuest to provide exceptional service and resources with regards to their HCV and leasing in Houston. In her spare time, Isabel enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

The NestQuest mission is “Changing the future of our children by increasing access to the best housing and educational opportunities for families.” As an immigrant from Mexico, the quality of housing and education was something my family had little to no choice in. I attended 9 different schools between elementary and high school, during which we moved at least 10 times. It was not until my junior year in high school that I realized the importance of stable housing and quality education for students in underprivileged and under served areas.

My upbringing drives me to fulfill our mission each day, it is the main purpose of our program, and a personal mission of mine.

Children in low income families automatically have limited access to quality education and stable housing. The opportunity to educate families on living beyond the options offered by society place NestQuest children on a path to a future that would not otherwise exist. 

For our families, it’s more than just having a home. Achieving our mission changes the hopes and dreams of the children in our program. It means opening their minds and lives to equality regardless of income. Our mission is a lifeline to many families in Houston. It is a unique opportunity that has never existed in a system that is almost designed to oppress those families that may just need temporary help. Every child deserves the chance to know what success feels and looks like regardless of where they came from.

I take pride in my position as NestQuest Executive Director and thrive on knowing that we are changing lives every single day.

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