Hazel Ayala joins the NestQuest team!

We are delighted to introduce our newest team member, Hazel Ayala! Hazel rejoined the NestQuest family in 2021 after a two year hiatus and we are excited to have her back in the team. Hazel received her BS in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Houston. Hazel began working with children as an elementary teacher in Houston Independent School District. She later gained years of invaluable experience as a Rehabilitation Clinician at The Harris Center for Mental Health as a caseworker for school-aged patients throughout Harris county. Hazel’s experience within NestQuest, and the wider Houston community enables Hazel to provide first class support and resources to each family we serve. Her background in finance supports our families in building their financial stability plan. Having grown up in a single parent household, Hazel has an affinity to the families we serve, understanding their unique situation and requirements.

When asked “What does the NestQuest mission mean to you?” Hazel responded as follows;

“I can relate to the children we are serving, on a deeper level. I grew up in a single parent household, I understand their struggles. I received mental health services and support as a child, similar to most children we serve here at NestQuest. I passionately believe in our mission and in providing support for women and children who have experienced trauma, and struggle with PTSD. Every child, every mom deserves a chance at success, and they deserve respect.”

Hazel brings compassion, energy and experience to the NestQuest team, providing our families with the best Case Management services available. She relates to our children on a deeper level because she received mental health services as a child and adult. Hazel strongly believes in NestQuest’s mission and in providing support for women and children who have been through traumatic experiences and who may be suffering from PTSD. In her spare time, Hazel loves competing in powerlifting and Strongman competitions, and avoids frogs at all times!