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The Bridges Collaborative

NestQuest Houston Selected as Inaugural Member of The Bridges Collaborative, A Nationwide Initiative to Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Education. The first-of-its-kind collaboration connects 56 school and housing groups from 21 states, covering 3.5 million children; Represents the most significant grassroots effort focused on school integration in decades.

What Does Opportunity Mean?

Opportunity means something different to everyone. People live and thrive in every neighborhood. So how do we at NestQuest determine opportunity for the families who choose to work with us? Our program is based on a body of research which demonstrated that the neighborhood in which children grow up, can set the foundations for how […]

COVID – 19 Community Resources

COVID – 19 Community Resources

If you are experiencing a sudden loss of income or any other obstacles during this difficult time, you may find a resource listed below. This is a small sampling of the many non-profits serving the Houston community. For a comprehensive listing of services specific to your situation and location, you can call the United Way Helpline […]